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Car Rental in Florida

The car rental prices are just being updated with the latest information. In the mean time to get an immediate quote please contact our Travel Agent Charter Travel directly by filling out the form on

our flights page

TIP: Orlando International airport is the worlds largest car rental location. You can ask for an on or off airport pickup. On airport is approx. $10-$15 per week more expensive and probably well worth it after the flight. While you are waiting for the luggage to arrive, and if you have an on airport pickup, we suggest that the lead driver(s) go directly to the car rental desk and get the keys, and then return to the rest of your party. By doing this it can save to over 1 hour waiting in the queue to pick up the car.

TIP: For UK travelers always pay for your car in the UK and with all of the necessary insurance. We suggest that you do not leave it until you arrive in Florida as it will be much more expensive for you, and very time consuming - Trust us!